The dangers of waste: a public health issue

the risks of waste

The issue of waste and its management has become a major subject for the preservation of our planet. However, these environmental concerns should not overshadow the dangers that waste represents for human health. Between diseases linked to exposure to certain harmful substances, air pollution or contamination of water and soil, it is time to become … Read more

IDE Survey Results


In June, the Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (IDE) Action Committee completed a survey to gather information about a variety of topics. We asked you what barriers you face when participating in Midwest Chapter, the resources and activities you would like to see from the IDE Action Committee; and we gathered demographic information about our chapter … Read more

Reflections on work and life during the historic Covid-19 pandemic

the covid crisis

Who could have dreamed or envisioned, way back in mid- February, when the first snippets of international news reported a mysterious and unknown virus threatening its way into the world—that every aspect of life as we know it, unprecedented in our lifetime, would be transformed rapidly, and likely permanently—and historically? I squirm with a bit … Read more